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Book Review: Filthy Firefighter by Emma Louise

Publisher's Blurb:

He looks like he belongs on stage, stripping out of his firefighter uniform, not running into a burning building to save me. But thank God he did. When the smoke clears and my eyes focus on my savior, one look at his gorgeous face and tattoo-covered muscles, I know he’ll be too much for me to handle. It’s a good thing I never have to see him again, right? Except, losing my home to a fire means finding somewhere new to live, and guess who just happens to be my new roommate? Hayden Flynn. The filthy-talking firefighter who’s been front and center of all of my dreams lately. Our attraction is undeniable, but it’s the adventures he takes me on that has me falling for him, each new experience chipping away at the wall I’ve been hiding behind. He wasn’t supposed to see past my scars. He wasn’t supposed to break me apart piece by piece, then put me back together again. He was just supposed to be a firefighter. I didn’t expect him to end up saving my life, in more ways than one.

Disclaimer: I was provided an advance reader copy by the publisher in exchange for my unbiased review and opinions.

🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Phew. What a ride! I enjoyed the first part of the book. Definitely liked the themes presented and the heroine's struggles. I liked the writing. But close to the end, everything started unraveling. It's a personal preference, but there's only so much tragedy I can endure in a book deemed a romance. I didn't enjoy that ending. Yes, we finally get our HEA but, man...that was just way too much! We were going at high speed and then, a crash..because what else can you expect?

If high speed is your speed, then hop on! Just bring a helmet to ride this filthy firefighter story.

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